Creative Spaces in Southampton

The Best Creative Spaces In Southampton

With two universities, four hospitals and organisations like SETsquared, the Web Science Institute and a wealth of burgeoning creatives, it’s no surprise that Southampton has supplied spaces to facilitate these fantastic and exciting ventures. Creative spaces are offices, conference rooms and studios that bring together freelancers, SME’s and large conglomerates. These funky spaces encourage collaboration and creation. They are the perfect spot for a week-long conference, merging business meetings or just getting creative on your own. We’ve found the best spots that are helping the business community in Southampton flourish:

The Lab, Southampton

Founded by Barclays bank and Southampton Council, these labs are a functional, flexible spot for all businesses. The Network Eagle labs are perhaps the biggest of the creative spaces in Southampton, with the best on-site facilities in the heart of the city and right in the cultural centre of the south coast. Amenities include kitchen facilities, showers, event and creative spaces in Southampton with all the technical equipment any tech or media business could wish for.

You can choose from the range of open plan seating in the free-style communal areas, a dedicated desk or a private office. The spaces are available to rent on a monthly basis so you can establish your start up at this central location without committing to proper overheads. Alternatively, your business can just hire the meeting spaces when hosting professionals or executives staying in Southampton. For night owls, the labs are available 24 hours a day.

These stylish creative spaces in Southampton are outfitted in the contemporary, industrial theme and encourage progression and inspiration. They are perfect for modern businesses, looking to adapt but still stay in touch with the community.

SO Fourteen, Southampton

SO Fourteen is a fantastic little co-working spot, ideal for small, portable businesses that are looking for a more temporary base. This warm, cosy setting feels modern and inspiring. The spaces are less flexible than Network Eagle Labs but still offer a range of configurations and seating options, including private meetings rooms, perfect for putting a presentation together.

SO Fourteen workspaces are located a little further away from the city centre, but are in the perfect spot for visitors staying in the popular Ocean Village complex. The reservation system is extremely flexible as you can reserve a desk, a chair or your meeting room on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The ultimate flexibility is perfect for SME’s hosting out of town consultants or creatives.

This creative space in Southampton is fully equipped for the modern business.

Spud Works

These award-winning spaces are straight out of Grand Designs. Although they are a little bit outside the centre, these creative spaces in Southampton are at the forefront of sustainability and development, perfect for impressing associates visiting Southampton.

spudWORKs are less about ‘hot-desking’ and are better suited to creative or technical SME’s looking to establish their ground-breaking business without tying themselves down. spudWORKS offer exhibition, studios and workshop spaces. The observatory is also an innovative and multi-award-winning residency space, with sustainable creation at the forefront of its design.

All spaces are beautifully furnished and project a forward-thinking atmosphere. They are all available at a one-week rental, as minimum. The spaces are iconic and in a less-populated area, perfect for some quiet inspiration.

Prestige Apartment’s fantastic locations means vising executives, creatives and specialists can all take advantage of these excellent labs and workspaces. All accommodations will suit the modern businessman with homes as stylish and luxurious as these working hotspots. Take advantage of Southampton’s city centre locations and get in touch to book an apartment today!