Professional Relocation

Top Tips For Professional Relocation

The worldwide job and employment markets are fluctuating so much at the moment, particularly throughout Britain. Instability means that a lot of people are jumping ship, re-training or trying their hand at a new career. Additionally, people are becoming less secure in their positions and are becoming more willing to relocate to ensure their employment. As a result, there is a huge spike in the number of people going through a professional relocation.

With Southampton’s impressive and world-renowned industries, including in the health sector, and the calibre of the two city universities, there is a lot of relocation movement at the moment. Of course, changing job is a tiring transition, coupled with relocating, the stress can be mindboggling. Read our top tips to ensure your professional relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

Professional Relocation Apartments

Relocation apartments are the perfect stop gap between permanent residences and staying in a hotel. They are the housing solution that allows professionals to stay flexible, an extremely valuable commodity in the contemporary job markets. If you have decided to move to Southampton for your new job, our relocation apartments mean you can put existing properties on the market and start your new job immediately. This will ensure you snap up that dream job without asking your new employers to wait for you.

Having a reliable and comfortable apartment that feels like a home away from home will definitely ease the stress, too. At one of Prestige’s properties you will be able to unwind in luxury, private spaces that are also big enough to store your day to day belongings without having to live out of a suitcase. For families, this means you can return to a normal routine as quickly as possible, even enrolling in local schools in line with term times.

Making a snap decision or landing your dream job is so exciting and moving quickly for a professional relocation is definitely an advantage. Once you are in the area and working in your new job, you should take your time before committing any further. For example, staying in short term lets whilst you shop around for your perfect house will provide you with a little bit of breathing space and ensure you are not purchasing a property or moving to an area that you do not absolutely love. Realising you do not adore your new home might eventually lead to resentment about the whole professional relocation process.

For businesses, providing relocation support and relocation apartments close to your workplace, might just give you the edge and land the dream employee that is going to drive your business success. Luxury, executive serviced apartments will also help settle your employees and ease their transition. This means they are more likely to work more efficiently, be more creative and perform at their best sooner, rather than later!

Go Exploring

Exploring your new area isn’t something that should just wear off in the first week and you shouldn’t overload yourself at the beginning. Remember to make this fun as well as functional! For example, find your route to work and the spot for your morning coffee in one to trip to ensure you’re not stuck in traffic on your first day! It’s these little things that will really make a difference.

Start investigating the area as soon as you consider moving. This will give you ample time to research any clubs or hobbies you might like. It will also give you a real idea of what the area has to offer and what your day to day life will be like. For example, are there 24 hour gyms? What are the local restaurants like for when your family and friends come to stay!

Professional relocation doesn’t have to be all about work! After all, you will be uprooting your whole life, including your social activities. Finding hobbies and clubs is also the quickest way to meet new friends outside of work. Building up a social circle will really ease you through your transition and you will start building up a local support network – great for when you decide to commit to the area!

Logistics Of A Professional Relocation

This is perhaps the most stressful element of any move. We know it is intensified when the move is a professional relocation as you’re juggling so many changes. The best way to make this as stress free as possible is to hire professional movers. Comprehensive moving firms will pack your home up and transport everything for you. Some removal agencies will also have an option for storing your belongings whilst you are in temporary accommodations, meaning you won’t have to trip over boxes every morning, but rather just select the essential items (clothes and some entertainment or personal items).

You can let removal companies handle everything for you but if you have the time, it is recommended to pack your own items. That means you will know where everything is, and it provides an excellent opportunity to throw away all the rubbish we all seem to accumulate!

At Prestige Apartments Southampton, our premium properties are all serviced. This means you can enjoy laundry, regularl cleaning services and grocery deliveries to ensure you keep on top of your regular routine. You will be able to dedicate this time to the more important or larger tasks at hand, like making a great impression in your new role!

For more information about making your professional relocation as easy as possible in Southampton, get in touch with Prestige Apartments Southampton to reserve yours today!