Startups in Southampton

Start Ups You Need To Know About In Southampton

Southampton is a major city for business and tourism in the UK. As Britain’s cruise gateway, the city sees a lot of domestic and foreign footfall, but Southampton also has one of the UK’s highest export rates for small businesses. An incredible 81% of Southampton SMEs trade abroad. Logistical benefits coupled with a supportive and diverse community makes Southampton one of the best places in the UK to start your new businesses.

If you’re looking for a business to support (financially or otherwise) or hunting for a new role on the ground floor, look no further. These are the businesses in Southampton that are worth looking into:

High Tech Businesses in Southampton

A spinoff from the University of Southampton’s industrious and robust tech and engineering departments. Founded by professor Rob Maunder, AccelerComm is set improve the performance and optimise the output of 4G and 5G for consumers and businesses in Southampton and around the world.

Their innovative and ground breaking channel coding systems delivers ultra-high performance communications systems. With a recent investment of £2.5m (February 2019), AccelerComm are an advanced and vastly developing company. The investment means they are increasingly flexible and have plans to bring their developments forward. Currently undergoing some major personnel and structural changes due to their recent capitalisation, AccelerComm are one to keep your eye on if you’re looking to collaborate or work for a tech company that’s going to make waves.

New Heath Businesses In Southampton

Health meets tech in another University of Southampton fallout firm. The company, called VivoPlex, has clinically developed a new wireless device that measures the internal parameters that affect IVF treatment. The start up’s mission is to understand and analyse the uterine environment for successful IVF treatment and embryo development.

Clinical pilot studies took place at University Of Southampton and is looking to move onto the next stages of development. The start-up is attracting attention and fertility and medical professionals to Southampton from all around the world as the business continues to grow.

Social Start Ups In Southampton

Other World Escapes create unique, immersive escape room experiences in Southampton and nearby Portsmouth. The business model blends educational experiences with fun challenges and immersive, VR-style tech. For example, a theme for one of the most popular escape rooms is a polar ice cap scenario in which players learn about climate change. This engaging twist on a favourite activity is proving extremely popular as the founders return outstanding profits. Innovative creations like Other World Escapes are at home in Hampshire and are the perfect modern-business model; adaptive, creative and realistic. Businesses in Southampton are often creative and socially focused like this one.

Escape rooms also market themselves as a team-building activity to the rest of the businesses in Southampton and Portsmouth.

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